Turning Survive Into Thrive – Let’s Get Started

Live Team Training

This training gives you a unique lens into the challenges that your employees are facing and the degree in which this is impacting your business. Together, you and your team will learn important tools and tactics needed to thrive and find resilience during challenging times.

What You’ll Get:

  • 45 minute pre-training call
  • After training debriefing consultation
  • Communication tools and techniques that support connected, collaborative teams
  • The top stress management strategies and tactics for today’s turbulent times
  • 10 ways to reduce stress and boost productivity
  • The hidden impact your stress is having on those around you and the 3 tactics to fix it

Pricing based on number of attendees

Founder Kelly Hatfield, CHPC

Entrepreneur Kelly Hatfield has a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of the ripple effect, a principle that has guided her in establishing multiple successful ventures. These businesses are dedicated to amplifying the impact individuals have in their professional and personal spheres.

With a rich background spanning over two and a half decades in recruiting, HR, and leadership development, Kelly is deeply committed to service. Together with her skilled business partners and teams, she has created four thriving enterprises, specializing in pairing outstanding talent with leading companies and fostering their leadership growth. Her dual roles in coaching and consulting to enhance leadership teams and develop recruitment and retention strategies, coupled with her insights as the host of the Absolute Advantage podcast, provide her with a well-rounded perspective on both leadership development and the intricacies of the hiring process.